Since 2001 Biblical Principles Inc has provided financial literacy training and counseling to over 125,000 people in 25 states, through over 300 seminars and over 8000 hours of private session counseling. Biblical Principles Inc. sells no products or services, and has never charged a fee. All stewardship ministry is delivered on a love offering basis plus an expense reimbursement basis with all materials provided. Information about churches we have served is available upon request.

The ministry of Biblical Principles is always biblical and always evangelical. We have historically ministered in stewardship a ministry of storehouse tithing under the authority of the host pastor in the location and in services approved by the host pastor with whom we are in friendly cooperation. We plan to continue this strategy into the future.

Biblical Principles Inc has had a focus on stewardship the entire fourteen years we have been in ministry, however, in 2015 Biblical Principles added a ministry focus of evangelism to assist evangelists and churches in reaching people for Jesus Christ. The ministry is underway and we welcome inquirys from churches which would like to know more about this focus.

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